Creative Switch


When I first wanted to create a creative switch using the LED lights and the arduino, I was thinking about applications that would need very long wires and big spaces. Then, I decided to implement a simple creative switch using the simple short wires that I possess. As a result, I started testing out the conductivity of different materials in my room. I realized that the aluminum foil is a good conductor of electricity. Therefore, I decided to use it to come up with an interactive trash can.


I used the aluminum foil with the wires and the arduino and the bread board, to light up an LED light whenever I push to open the trash can. You can see this application below.

I tested it using my hand, but it would work in the same way using the feet. Moreover, I think this application can be helpful as it gives us an insight into whether a trash can is open or not. This is because the light only opens once the trash can is pressed otherwise the light turns off. This was done by connecting a wire to one aluminum foil piece and connecting another wire to the second aluminum foil piece. Whenever the two aluminum foils hit each other the light will turn on.

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