Hands-free switch:Mini-football


When the task stated that we can’t use hands, I immediately though about legs and thought it would fun to recreate the soccer game. The led-light goes on when the person strikes a goal(battery) with a small ball. Then the battery falls and  connects two cables, which turns on the switch. This kinda resembles the football game where you have to kick the ball on the field.


First, I made a basic circuit to turn on my led-light with a resistor 0hm 330. Then, I prolonged the circuit and added more cables and taped two cables to allow myself broader area to work. I spent a lot of time figuring out how to make the switch stay on, not light it once when the ball and cable have a collision, because ball bounces back. That’s why I added a battery as a target, which will fall and stay in the same place, so the two cables could be connected and stay on.


It was really fun and super brain-stormin process to figure out how to make the switch on without hands, as connecting cables with hands seemed so easy and most efficient. I wish I had flat surface like domino cards, because I had a lot of trouble of the battery’s round surface, as it would roll around and won’t stay on the cables. However, this also added difficulty level to my soccer game, as scoring a goal is never easy in the real life too.

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