Door Switch


For this week, I created a switch that turns the LED light on in my circuit every time you close the door. I attached aluminum foil balls on either end of both the red wire and black wire so that when they make contact, they would close the circuit.


To do this, I scrunched up some aluminum foil that I could poke the wires into and then proceeded to stick them on. I stuck one wire on the door, and the other on the door frame. This way, whenever the two pieces of foil would touch each other, the current would flow through them to switch on the LED.


It’s fairly simple, but that’s to be expected since it’s my first time using Arduino.

Reflection and Improvements:

  • The aluminum foil balls kept falling off the wires and reattaching them every few minutes got pretty annoying.
  • Couldn’t really open the door all the way just because the circuit was so small, I think expanding the circuit or even taping more wires together to lengthen them would’ve made my door switch better.

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