Midterm Project Current Progress


For the midterm project, we must create a game on p5.js so I tried looking up some inspirations. Then I decided to come up with a game that looks like one of my best childhood games, Pacman. This game is based on a character that looks like a yellow arc who tries to run away from monsters and eat circles, the more circles the character eats the more points he gets. However, if a monster catches Pacman you will lose the game. You can see this game below

Current Progress

I started by creating a main menu screen for the game. This main menu consists mainly of a title for the game, which I currently decided to name Circle Eater but I might change it later. Moreover it contains some instructions for the game as well as the controls to move the main character. This screen also contains a red button (START GAME) that will move the user to a different screen and will start my game.

Hence when the user presses start game button a screen with the main player and the map of the game will appear. Currently I only implemented the movement of the player but I will still have to do much more work to complete the mechanics of the game in which the player will earn points by eating the circles and will lose the game by hitting the triangles. To create the main player I used object oriented programming, where I set some of the boundary conditions that will restrict the movement of the player. Furthermore, I was able to define the movement of this arc player using move function in the class. You can find my current progress attached below.


As you can see the game still needs much more progress to be completed. Some of the main things it should include are sounds. I plan to add some sounds whenever the player eats a circle. To add to this, I will add some winning and losing conditions to the game and add a button that will allow the player to restart the game in case of winning or losing. I should also implement the enemy players using object oriented programming and try to connect everything together so that the user would enjoy playing my game. I am so excited to complete this project and see how it goes.

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