MidTerm Idea


My initial idea had was to make a game that consist of randomness. in this class we discussed many topics and something that stuck out to me was randomness. it is both wonderful and frustrating. the main idea that i have is a maze that you can solve only by luck instead of skill. so you can reach a stop for example and only be able to pass it by flipping a coin and landing on heads. this maze will be very frustrating since you cant rely on skill its more of a game of chance.

It will be more complex than this with a character and diffrent sections that make you reach the next trail. it will be like Hercules trails if they were based on luck.


the game will have

  1. the objects we learned with the maze
  2. the character is unable to move thru the walls
  3.   the trails start when the character reaches them
  4. if the character fails they start from the start

the project will contain

  1. sound when losing or through the trail (example the sound of flipping a coin)
  2. instruction page
  3. a dash board to shoe progress
  4. a start button
  5. a game over condition
  6. control over the character
  7. speech from the trails
  8. if you win a celebration command

I know this sounds relatively simple but I am  sure it will be very  challenging

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