dissolving matrix


This week’s assignment required us to explore letters and text functions offered in the p5 coding program and make a program from that. I initially wanted to figure out a way in which I could somehow separate the letters in a word in a creative way. That said, I opted to delve into a ‘matrix’ and mysterious related theme.


//modify how many letters you would like to have appear
letterAppear = 26;

function setup() {
  createCanvas(500, 300);

function preload() {
  //loading a matrix-themed font 
  fontMatrix = loadFont("assets/matrix.ttf");

function draw() {
  //setting the background color, transparency, text color, and random sizes
  background(80, 20);

    //attributes that repeat the phrase "ABCDEF..." while mapping it into separate letters
      .map((m, i) => String.fromCharCode(i + 97))[frameCount % letterAppear],
    noise(frameCount ) * 500,
    noise(frameCount + 1) * 300


It was essential to start laying out the text and knowing what and how to modify it. So, I uploaded a preferred font and set the size of the text and what the text would be. Then I played around with ‘text’ attributes such as ‘.repeat,’ ‘.split,’ and ‘.map.’ In the end, I was able to modify the text presented in a way that randomly separates its letters, which presents a fabulous sketch that reminds me of the matrix. A final thought I had, in the end, was lowering the transparency of the background, which previewed a dissolving effect on the text/letters presented.


The following gif preview how the program displays the hacked matrix program!

(^ click me)

future improvements:

Adding some sort of secret message of a specific word that would randomly pop up would be a mysterious and engaging element to the program.

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