Midterm Progress

Project idea – “Know your playlist”

The idea for this project came from my love for music, lately for rock music. My idea for the project would be a quiz type game, where I would play a song and the player would need to guess it correctly. I have some ideas for the design of it, however they are just rough sketches at the moment.

The game would work the following way:

  • A 5 to 10 second clip of the song would play and then the player would need to answer – The options would include: 4 different album images each with the name of the song and artist.
  • The player would need to answer correctly, if not the game will skip to the next question and take away a life (each play-through will have 3 lives)
  • After the game is completed (around 10 questions), the game will reveal the player’s score, and if they get all answers correctly a special message will appear (TBD)


At the moment, I have no working code for the game, but I am thinking of using various arrays to keep songs from repeating themselves. Alongside that, in order to keep the design of the game tidy, I might need to use different object oriented functions for the picture + the name of the song. I am not fully sure on how will the project work and what exactly will be in the code, but I am working on finding it.

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