Assignment 1 – Self Portrait

My concept

As this was my first time coding or creating any type of output like this, I found this assignment to be slightly difficult, and tried to express myself as much as I could.

This picture represents who I am on multiple levels. I moved to the UAE when I was less than a year old, and grew up here. However, I always saw Egypt as home. I only visit Egypt for 2 months a year, yet every year, I build a stronger connection with it and I grow to become even more patriotic. This self portrait is a way for me to describe how I feel when I am away from Egypt: indifferent. I love living in the UAE, but Egypt will always be where I feel most comfortable, like I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

The line represents how disconnected I feel from my family over there when I am in the UAE. It feels like there is a barrier between us, and between my home and I. (The 3 triangles represent the pyramids 🙂 )

A highlight of some code that I’m particularly proud of

I am not necessarily proud of a specific part of my code, since it is mostly coding shapes and their dimensions, but finding accurate dimensions was very time-consuming and I’m proud that the dimensions ended up looking normal.

Reflection and ideas for future work or improvements

For my next assignment, I hope I will be able to add interactivity or movements in the code to make it look better and to be able to express myself more. For example, in this assignment, I wanted to move the stickman over to Egypt and back, with the indifferent face changing to a happy one, but I was unable to. Next time, I hope I can apply ideas like this.

Sketch- N/A.

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