My initial design wanted to consist offer piece that is resembled modern art. I was trying to find loop designs to inspire what I had in mind. I decided to go with this piece of art since the lines dropping from the top kind of symbolize a cage. While the rain that flows shows the idea of gloominess that I was going for. the ball in the middle is vibrant and is just going back and forth Finally escapes the screen. The ellipses on top and on the bottom are constantly Still in the background I placed randomly put ellipses.  so while the majority of the painting remains constant there is always something in the background that’s different for every individual.


Firstly, I created the function for the ellipses I used in the background. Then I use the draw function to create both the lines and the rain. Additionally, I created the moving ellipses and give it the coordinates on where to start and stop and I did not want it to blend in with the background rather to create a line to show its path I kept in the print code I used to just give a bit of word play to the art piece

Things I Could Improve On

I initially wanted the rain pattern to go fall not only they diagonally to the right but also the diagonally to the left. I also wanted the major ellipses in the middle to have an opposing one falling from top to bottom. I was thinking of also making more ellipses Forming an X shape but I thought that would ruin the piece.

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