Assignment 2: Art with Loops


For this assignment, I wanted to a create a simple piece of art with the emphasis of my understanding of it. Last time I got ahead of myself and was trying to do so much that I ended up doing very little. For inspiration I used a traffic light for no particular reason. It’s simple and I knew I at least had to use ellipse() and rect() if I wanted. I also knew I had to work with the colors black,  green, red, and yellow. I looked up images for inspiration and found photographs of traffic lights with long exposure and decided to do a very simplified version. Below is the image I used for inspiration.

Moody Traffic Lights: How To Make Something Beautiful From Nothing

Initially, I was very confused with how loops worked. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, mainly from The Coding Train, and after I grasped the concept, I started building my for loop first. I copied the loop two more times to represent the three lights in the traffic light. I also used the createColorPicker() DOM from the p5.js reference page to randomize the colors and added a frame rate to try and visualize the exposure aspect.

for (let ellipseX = 20; ellipseX < 400; ellipseX += 25) {
   ellipse(ellipseX, 200, 70)


Future Improvements

I was satisfied with my understanding of the assignment, loops, and the overall art piece. However, for next time I would like to experiment and include more of what we have learned from previous lessons and create my own functions.










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