Art piece


A single line, judiciously placed around the main features, might suggest several moods. With this artwork, I wanted to display a variety of colours and lines that, when combined, display a range of emotions. Horizontal lines frequently convey a sense of stability, peace, and tranquility when utilized in conjunction with other shapes. The word “horizontal” comes from the word “horizon,” which is another symbol for perspective, separation, and tranquility. The possibility for mobility is strongly shown by vertical lines. When constructing perspective drawings and scenarios, vertical lines are frequently utilized in conjunction with horizontal lines as lines of reference.

Reflections and improvements:

Making this was enjoyable and relatively easy. But I wish there had been some kind of interactive component. Something that might change colours dependent on mouse movement. After this design was finished, I tried adding more visuals, but I ran into some problems. That is something that I would want to include in this sketch.

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