My portrait is inspired from the show BoJack Horseman. I tried drawing one of the characters – Todd Chavez. Along with this I tried to combine some aspects of psychedelic art – something I find extremely fascinating. The character was made using simple shape including triangle, ellipses, arcs, and lines. As an additional element for interactivity, the visuals get more intense as the mouse is moved towards the right side.


I found it a little difficult to understand the algorithm behind the movement of the visuals. I spent majority of the time trying to understand how movement of the mouse affects the visuals. The visuals have been inspired from by Misha Rabinovich. After understanding the code, I simply made the movement of visuals more intense and set the changing of the colours of the elements to random.

(ps: move mouse towards right to control the intensity of the visuals)


I enjoyed making the portrait. For further assignments, I would like to explore psychedelic art and make visuals. What I appreciate about such visuals is how strange or foreign they feel. They have the power to make you feel overwhelmed. What I want to improve on is making the sketch of Todd look more realistic. Overall, I am satisfied with the portrait, but I would love to continue learning more about producing similar art.





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