Final Project User Testing and Progress

Since my last post, I have worked on the circuit, the cardboard frame, and the hoop. I managed to put everything together and finish the main part of the game hardware. I pasted two cardboard planks with holes in them for me to carry the setup around, to a ramp which exists to let the ball roll down back to the user after it goes in the hoop.

Below is the video of me testing out if the flex sensor works correctly. It may be hard to see in the video, but each time the ball goes in the hoop, the value of the flex sensor changes by about 50, so I plan to detect a change of around 20-30 in my code to sense when the ball goes in and add the score accordingly and trigger the corresponding sounds. I can’t rely on detecting any change in the flex sensor values, because the hoop is a bit shaky and this makes the values fluctuate by 1 or 2 when nothing is happening.

Things left for me to do
  • Add the necessary sounds when the user scores
  • Add music for the game
  • Make sure the game setup is durable and won’t eventually break or come apart
  • Figure out if and how I will use a monitor behind the hoop

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