Final Project Progress – Arcane Dash

I finally decided on a theme and decided to go with an Arcane themed game. I realised that most of my work will revolve around the game design on p5.js with timing the music to the obstacles so I will have to do a lot of trial and error to make sure that is working. I managed to get the jumping function working for the character but right now I’m mainly focusing on the level design and art as that is what will take me the most time. I also selected all the songs that I will include for the levels which are from the Arcane soundtrack.

Here is some pictures of how the levels are looking so far. I took inspiration from pictures of the bridges in the tv show:

Arcane: League of Legends

The square will be replaced later with designs of the 3 main characters that the player will be able to choose from as well as select the level they want to play.

Everything is still a work in progress and theres a lot to do but I am really passionate about Arcane so I think that will motivate me a lot in order to finish the game and make it look like how I imagine it.

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