Final Project Progress

Before starting the Arduino side of things, I wanted to finish the p5js side of my project. So far, I’ve finished all the main parts of the game like the transitions and different buttons. I’ve managed to make the game go full screen when the user clicks the starting screen.

All that is left for me to add in the p5js code is the part that is related to Arduino and small parts like the sounds and other small visual effects which I haven’t decided on yet.


I will add the following sounds:

  • Background music for the entire duration of the game including menu and score screen
  • Crowd sounds to play during the main part of the game
  • Excited crowd sounds when the user scores

P5js sketch


As for the Arduino side of my project, I have decided that I will use an infrared emitter and receiver under the hoop on either side so that when the ball falls through the hoop, it will disrupt the signal.

I will also build a boxy frame in which I will have my hoop on a slanted surface so that the ball rolls down to the user after they shoot it.

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