Nicholas- Final Project Concept


I wanted to make something that feels like it has real world consequences, so my idea for the final project is a real life stock trading application. I want to create an integration that creates an interactive experience for the end user.


There are 3 components to this idea: A physical method to trading stocks, a display of profits, and a web server that connects the integration to the outside world. The user should be able to choose to either buy Stock A, Stock B, or skip the purchase. There will also be a button to liquidate all stocks and turn a profit.

Arduino Implementation:

  1. A potentiometer that the user turns to select stock A, stock B, or skip
  2. A button that the user can press to liquidate stocks
  3. A servo that pushes down an airhorn upon liquidation

P5js Implentation:

  1. A display with the text of Stock A, B or skip
  2. A Graph with current value of stocks
  3. Text showing how much liquid and stock money the user has

Web Server Implementation:

  1. Send new stock data to P5JS
  2. Send wallet data to p5js
  3. Send purchase requests to Alpaca Stock API

The catch

its real money that I run away with at the end of the semester.

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