International Super Dancer 📸🤸 – Final Project Proposal

Inspiration 🕺🏼📺

When I was younger, I was OBSESSED with the Backyardigans. Maybe I still am a little 👀 . I watched it daily on Discovery Kids at 7:30pm before going to bed, and vividly remember there being one special two-part episode: Season 2 Episode 15: International Super Spy. (Yes this is the show and episode of that viral song.) I would pray for it to come on every night, and jump arround in joy when they did. For my final project for intro to IM, I am looking forward for constructing an interface similar to the one where Pablo has to dance to save Tasha from the lady in pink. (See Below or HERE if it does not work)

In this interface, Pablo stands on a pad and mimics a screen as it displays a character dancing. His movements are recorded and, if correct, marked in a progress bar. It indicates that he needs to complete the dance to earn a reward. I want to do something similar, where a displayed character can mimic or indicate specific dance moves from a person standing in front.

Idea ⌨️

For this concept, the display will be built with P5.Js, where a simple character, instructions and music will be shown. I would like to project this using one of the vertical projects. Furthermore, Arduino sensors will be used to record the position of the person. I imagine some pressure sensors in the floor to calculate where the user is standing (and with how many feet) , and a camera or infrared sensors to indicate the positions of key body parts (i.e hands, elbows, knees, toes, head). I would ask the person to get into a specific position, and record the difference in movement in a set period of time to determine if the movement is correct or not.

The feedback would mostly be similar to the one shown in the video, with a green progress bar that gets red and makes an error sound when a position is missed. I’d also like to include a reward system built with Arduino motors to give out a price for those of you who know how to dance.

I still want to develop this idea further, as I want to add elements to the design and concept that are mine. Yes, I want the vibe and situation of the Backyardigans, but I also want it to be signed Juanma. Perhaps adding more gimmicks or an extra step to the interface would be cool.

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