Final Project Proposal – VS Fighting Game


My PSP consumed a large chunk of my childhood, specifically, a game called Tekken: Dark Resurrection. I want to recreate this game, except this time instead of entering commands through buttons and joysticks, like in the original, I want to use proximity and pressure sensors linked to Arduino and computer vision on p5.js. My game will be played with physical movements by the user, which is captured using sensors and camera. Specific movements will correspond to logical fighting moves (eg. punches, kicks, blocks).

Possible Challenges:
  • Computer being able to capture user movements
  • Computer being able to distinguish between user movements
  • In-game mechanics such as damage system and avatar animations


Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, it was so good, even on the limited hardware of the PSP, what do you think of it? : r/Tekken

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