Dev: Final project proposal


For the final project, I want to build a car that will feature both autopilot mode and manual driving mode. The user will have the choice to decide which mode they want to choose to drive the car.

If the user chooses the autopilot mode, the car will be able to move around and avoid all obstacles with (obstacle detections) and also be able to drive automatically on a predefined course/ path. Whereas for the manual mode, the user will be able to control the car through p5.js using the arrows. (perhaps connect it to a controller)

I also plan to build a driving course that the user can drive in and test the autopilot mode. I’m planning to have a line following feature where the car will follow the line on the road. (Even make decisions where possible, Maybe that is too complicated?)


The p5.js will show a window with its instructions and feature for the 2 modes (autopilot mode and manual mode) allowing the user to choose their option. The arrows will allow the user to control the car’s movement and drive the car around the course

Arduino Components needed:

  • 2 IR Range Sensors
  • 4 wheels
  • 1 ultrasonic sensor
  • 1 Servo
  • 1 LDR
  • L298N motor driver 
  • Battery DC
  • few LEDs

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