Class Discussion – Aliya and Kashyapa

Hello everyone, here are some questions for tomorrow’s reading discussion:

  1.  Before reading this article what were your thoughts on the future of interaction design? 
  2. Are you satisfied with current technology like iPhones or iPads for example and you don’t think it really needs to improve much?
  3. we were wondering if you had any ideas as to how hands could be integrated into interaction design in a feasible way?
  4. Do you actually use voice interactions like voice assistants on their phones for example? Do you think voice will play a big role in future interaction design?
  5. Would you disagree and think that brain interfaces could be good? What other problems do you think brain interfaces could lead to?
  6. Do you have any ideas as to how something like haptic gloves could be integrated into our daily lives and replace some of our current technology?
  7. As a final thought, do you agree or disagree with the author’s perspective on the future of interaction design?

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