Unusual Switch

Initially, I wanted to create a secret entrance type switch with books, where if you aligned the books a specific way, the light would turn on (or in essence, the ‘door’ would open). However, this would require the use of hands in interacting with the books. So, I decided to shift away from this idea and play around with the use of one’s mouth in activating a switch.

I decided to come up with a switch that involved the use of a metal straw and how the switch would work is that the light would turn on when the straw touched the bottom sides of the bottle (to indicate that the straw is at the bottomest place possible). With that, I put aluminum foil at the bottom of the bottle (thankfully my hands could fit inside the bottle – making this project easier but not as easy as I thought, to assemble) and you would use your mouth to move the straw around the edge of the bottle and if you are at the bottom edges, the light would turn on.

The circuit itself is very simple – with the use of a standard circuit in turning on a bulb but adding an extra wire to the straw, and another to the aluminum foil a the bottom of the bottle.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of the switch and a video at the end:

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