Unusual Switch: Car braking

For this week’s unusual switch assignment that we had to implement a simple circuit switch without the use of our hands, I used a real life example as my inspiration for this weeks exercise. Commonly found in cars and other vehicles was the brake light at the back of the cars which lights up every time you press down the brake pedal. 

Car Backlight Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

I started by making a simple circuit which would light up the LED every time the circuit was closed. Then I used two more cables to cut the supply to the LED row on the breadboard and also disconnected the ground to the main + and –  bus on the breadboard. Then I used two wires to redirect the connection onto a sheet of paper and tape the ends of wire flat down onto the paper. In order to close the circuit and make the switch functional I came up with the idea of using aluminum foil which act behave as the conductor of electricity. By attached the piece of aluminum foil to the bottom of my shoe I was able to close the circuit. Through this manner I was able to light up the bulb every time I press down onto the sheet of paper mimicking the braking functionality in a car.


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