Hands-Free Switch

Blow to connect








For this project, it took me a while to come up with an idea as we use our hands so often, every idea I imagined included hands in some way. Finally I decided to build something which would work when blowed on.

I began by making a simple circuit which would light up the LED, without a switch. I just used a resister, wires and the LED light. Then I detached one of the wires and added another wire in order to attach them both to alligator clips which would link to my project.

I ended up making a circuit which would light up the LED when two pieces of aluminium foil would touch (complete the circuit) through blowing from one side. The two pieces of foil are taped onto a piece of card and attached by alligator clips to the circuit.

In the future, if I was to recreate this concept along with code, I could incorporate sound each time the pieces of foil touch.


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