Midterm Final

My Game:

Concept/ Inspiration:
My idea for the midterm came from the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” where the sky rains food and people keep eating what falls from the sky. Therefore, my main concept for the game is that food (Meatballs) fall from the sky and the character has to eat it. If the player eats all five meatballs, they win. If the player misses two meatballs, they lose.

Process and Challenges:
I have made a class for meatballs in order to have multiple meatballs falling at once.When the player misses two meatballs, he loses the game. Therefore, the screen changes to one that says “You Lost!”. when you click the mouse, you are brought back to the original page. However, one of the challenges I have faced and still do not know the answer to is that when the game is “restarted” everything is scattered and not like the game actually was at the beginning. Therefore, you have to click play again in order to restart the game. I am guessing it is because the game is actually still going and I need to do something to make every aspect of the game restart not just bring the screen back to the “Home” screen.

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