Yunho Lee Midterm Project – Golem Hunters

Game theme and Concept

  1. Genre – First Person Shooter (FPS) game
  2. The main goal of the game – get a higher score by shooting as much as golems as possible using the limited amount of bullets provided


  1. Structure of the overall program
    1. Setup()
      1. set variables to avoid unexpected bugs
      2. set frameRate to 60 to make sure all computers display the same result
      3. Divide the PNG file into frames of each sprite (Gun, Golems)
      4. Create a pool of Golems that respawn when killed
    2. mousePressed()
      1. Pause Button
      2. Resume Button
      3. Click to Shoot – Only when you have enough Ammo
      4. Start Button
    3. draw()
      1. make objects move according to the movement of the mouse cursor
      2. display Golems
      3. Display Cross in the middle of the screen
      4. Display PauseUI / StartUI when the game is paused/starts
    4. GunClass
      1. display() – display the sprite images by frames
      2. move() – Shooting motion when the mouse is clicked
    5. Golem
      1. display() – display the sprite image by frames
      2. alive() – the movement of golem when it is moving across the screen
      3. deadMotion() – movement of golem when it is shot
      4. respawn() – waits for a few frames and resets itself in a random position
  2. Techniques Used
    1. Instead of adding an extra golem whenever a golem is killed, I decided to reset the golem that is killed so that there is less use of data and reduce the amount of trash data by recycling resources. – Advantage of OOP.
    2. By transposing the golems the same amount as the movement of the background image, the game gives a strong conception of being in the middle of the scene, looking at the screen from the first-person’s point of view.

Here below is my final version of the midterm project game! Enjoy!

(Recommended to Play in Fullscreen Version)


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