Midterm Final Assignment – CITY RUN

So at first I wanted to create something similar to the game Crossy Road, but overtime my game started to look like the 2D version of Subway Surfers and I decided to go with it because I really liked how my game was turning out. My game is called City Run and has a retro, mafia theme.

I began my first iteration of my project with letting my character move forward, but I found it was impractical as the character would go off screen so I removed the upward direction. I later decided to use the up button as a Jump button as sometimes the 3 lanes would all be blocked at the same time. I was also trying to think of a way to entice players to keep playing my game so I decided to scrap my original idea of my game being time based to just being score based with a high score tracker that would incentivize the players to want to beat it.

Overall, I feel that my confidence with p5.js has been lifted drastically after this assignment. I have a better grasp of the language and I feel like I learnt a lot and can finally manipulate the language in order to create something I want. Previously it was a lot harder to create what I envisioned in my head due to my skill level. I really enjoyed this assignment and I hope you enjoy my game!

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