Yunho Lee Midterm Progress

As a midterm project, I decided to make an FPS (First-person shooting) game. This is an upgraded version of the OOP assignment.

In order to make a plan of overall programming, I decided to write down the algorithms needed for each object in the game.



Class Zombie – create an array of zombies

Spawn() – spawn a zombie in a random position on the screen

hitbox() – give a range of hitbox

Die() – when shoot() is called clear all zombies that includes (middle, middle) coordinates inside their hitbox & displays death frames from the sprite

Walk() – zombies walk around the map with random speed & random distance in X-direction & Takes frames from sprite


Class GunClass – shoots when clicked

drawBullet() & fly() – draws a bullet and make it fly to the shooting direction

shoot() – displays shooting motion of the gun sprite when it is clicked


Class UI – shows the score and the time left of the game

Timeover() – stops the game and shows the UI that shows the score and restart button

Restart() – restarts the game

Pause() – pauses the game

Resume() – resumes the game


I have progressed until implementing the shooting motion of the gun and will be adding the zombies soon. The prototype is below.

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