Midterm (slow) progress


First of all, I got inspired by the old game (https://kbhgames.com/game/throw-paper), where a player needed to throw a paper into a trash bin. Then, I decided to modify it, thinking about making a waste sorting game. For this idea, I decided to rely on the campus’s recycling procedure. I made some research and stumbled upon plenty of valuable resources from our university about sustainability and effective recycling. https://www.thegazelle.org/issue/148/features/recycling-rundown?fbclid=IwAR29lGNj9u9fJKsSh04SI1rM-9KAqOV92OBGTBX-ObOIKGupfIssHzaCB2A.




Throughout the process, I had struggles with implementing the idea. I could not rely on the game I got inspired by, since there is no need of being able to “hit the bean”. Instead, the program should sort trash into different categories, which is more about a “correct placing”. Thus, this idea reminded me of the old game Tetris, where a player needs to use keys to place a figure. Similarly, in my project, using the arrow keys, a player needs to sort out the waste and put it inside the correct bin. 

I had some difficulties in making randomly appearing pictures from the array, and it, honestly, took me a lot of time. Therefore, it is kind of a slow progress :):


I have a lot of work to do. First of all, I need to figure out how to do the main “sorting” process in the code. Roughly speaking, the program should be able to separate images into three categories: general waste, paper, plastic. Then, I need to add audio, a menu with instructions, a timer and scores.

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