Midterm Progress


In elementary school I played a lot of Club Penguin. In the club penguin world, there was a mini game based on fishing, and I’d always play it because it was the quickest way to receive in-game money. Due to the  dissesemblement of the game, my aim is to recreate this game with my own twists. You can click the link below for a clip from the original game.

Implementation (thus far)

So far, I have preloaded some images to display the background and fishes in my game. These are regular pngs, but I hope to find appropriate sprites later to make the game less stiff. The fish class randomizes the starting and speed of a  position of a fish. This way, each fish ‘spawned’ by the for-loop in the draw function has its own unique random attributes, thereby avoiding any patterns from forming.


I hope to incorporate several more types of objects to make the game more exciting/challenging, while also making it more interactive.

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