Assignment 4: Generative Text

For this assignment I began with my first iteration which just basically drew out my desired shape onto my text outline using texttopoint. I followed a similar theme from my past assignments of working with rainbow squares, just because I like to explore how I can manipulate the movement of this same shape and its random colors to make different generative art. I also played with using cosine to see how differently my rects would move when I began adding interaction

My next step was adding interaction. For this part, I mainly followed professor’s code. I changed the values so it can correspond to an outcome that I was aiming for which is to be rigid in its movements, as the rectangles on their own feel quite stiff, so I wanted the rigidness to be consistent. After manipulating the values and adding some of my own math, I ended up with this final outcome:

I ended up removing the value that causes the rectangles to move slightly, because I liked how it looked in place ( like a glitch effect). I also made my rectangles smaller since the word was fussy to look at when everything was too close to each other. I also attempted to reuse cosine in noise so that when the mouse hovers over the letters, the rectangles expand in a cool pattern.

One thought on “Assignment 4: Generative Text”

  1. NIce job Shama! Setting rectMode(CENTER) would make the interaction feel better. By leaving the default rectMode setting the rectangles move downward, instead of outward in all direction when the mouse rolls over. A further development could be making a class and each rectangle could be its own object. Then you could make the glitch color happen more with the mouse over, and not just happen all the time.

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