Assignment 4: Clock

For this assignment I decided to make a clock. I was inspired by my wallpaper which has a pretty cool moving clock.

Then I looked for a cool font online and found one called Roboto on Font Squirrel. I then added the .ttf file to my sketch and loaded the font using loadFont.

I used the hour(), minute() and second() functions inside the text() function with textAlign(CENTER) to print out the time on the screen. I also messed around with if statements to gradually change the color of the time and give it a breathing effect.

Then I used the textBounds() and textToPoints functions to create the points using the font and store it in an array to display the word Clock on the screen similarly to the Circles example we looked at in class.
My final product was pretty simple and didn’t come out nearly as cool as my wallpaper but I had fun working with text.

One thought on “Assignment 4: Clock”

  1. Nice looking clock! I’d like to see a little more development though, this is essentially a copy of the example I made with a little extra text on the screen.

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