Assignment #4

As soon as I found out what the assignment was and learning how the professor was able to make the letters seek home and float around the screen, I knew I wanted to play around with it. I immediately took out my notebook and sketched my idea, which can be seen below (excuse the roughness of the sketch):

I then started to look for monospaced fonts that I liked. Since the messaging was personal, I wanted a font that could express that, instead of the common blocky, cold monospaced fonts. It took me hours, because preload would often not work, and sometimes I came across the error of not having any space to upload my fonts (even though I only uploaded 2 font files). The other problem I kept coming across is that the font was not actually monospaced, so that ruined the spacing of the individual letters when I put them in an array.

After finally deciding on a font, I then needed to figure out how to make several strings and arrays to make my idea work – I needed to separate out the three sentences in order to control how they seeked home. At one point, it did not allow me to use my class because it had not been initialized and guess what the problem was? I forgot a } somewhere in the code. One simple mistake stopped the entire code from running. It drove me insane. Now though, whenever my code doesn’t run, my first instinct is to check my brackets, and {}.

Credit to for the heart function <3 It is a little busy, but overall I'm really proud at how long I kept trying to make my idea happen and the amount of times I felt the urge to throw my laptop but didn't ­čÖé Here it is:

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