Assignment 2 – Cones and Colours

Initially, I wanted to replicate this artwork but with hands:

However, as I began this attempt, I realize that making hands from scratch is complicated and I did not yet know how to make this class of code (i.e. the several lines of code to create the hand in the first place) to be put into a for loop to print out several hands in random points across the canvas. So I decided to scrap that idea and move to using shapes already programmed within p5js. I again did not want to go with 2D shapes so I decided to play around with 3D and chose the cone.

It was pretty straightforward after, using the for loop to make the cone spiral and rotate throughout the canvas. But then I changed a few lines of code and the cone began to spiral inwards to the center and then back out again – I still do not understand how or why and I cannot get it to go back to the original rotation.

So here is the final product – that includes two versions and one slightly different one:
Version 1: with no Fade

Version 2: with Fade – I could not make it turn out the way I wanted it to. The fade worked separately, but once interacting with the rotating shape, it blocked out the background of dragging cones.

Version 3: something a little different

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