Assignment 2

Before beginning this assignment, I was watching a ton of videos online. The loading symbol in the shape of a circle which would show up when the video was buffering stood out to me a lot. This shape and movement stayed in mind while I began assignment 2, and so I decided to center my work around that.

I was able to recreate the movement of the shape using a for loop by changing the length of the arc in each iteration. To mimic the multiplicity of speeds a loading bar has depending on internet connectivity/buffering speed, I also decided to make each arc move in different speeds ranging from (-2,2).

Since 1 arc wasn’t achieving a visually fulfilling motion, I decided to make multiple arcs using a for loop as well.

One challenge I faced for this project was making the ends of my arc lines  fade off just like in the reference image above. In order to make up for that, I managed to successfully apply the lerp color gradient background which I attempted to use for Assignment 1 but was unable to, this time it worked well as part of my process.

Credits for the lerp gradient

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