Assignment 1 – Self Portrait – Ahsen Saaim

For this assignment I went for a clean, simplistic emoji-esc style for my portrait. I wanted my avatar to be outdoors, so I chose colors that I thought best complimented the light blue sky like white, maroon and yellow. I used different dimensions of ellipses for the sun, face, eyes, body and buttons, while the clouds are a cluster of overlapping ellipses. The nose is a triangle, while the mouth and hair are varying rectangles. Although I liked the aesthetic of my portrait it felt somewhat stiff, so I animated the cloud to move slowly across the sky by changing the x coordinates of the ellipse-cluster slightly with every repetition of the draw function.

This project was fun to work on but it was frustrating not being able to depict my vision onto the canvas. I tried to make my hair more true to life but didn’t suceed so I back peddaled to a simple rectangle. This shows I need a lot more experience to bring my  thoughts to life. In the future I hope to make more intricate projects with a larger arsenal of shapes and animations to work with.

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