Assignment #1 – Lily Self Portrait

With this project, I knew that I wanted to play around with rounded corners, ellipses and arcs but when I say I struggled with arc(), I struggled. I somehow could not comprehend how the radians system worked – I initially wanted to do a skirt that used several arcs but I spent hours trying to get the shapes that I wanted and it not coming out the way that I envisioned. I hope though to keep practicing and understanding how it works so that I can play around with it more and expand to more complex shapes.

I was around friends when I started working on my portrait – with every shape that I did, as a replica of ‘Lily’ came to life, I got more and more excited. I would show my screen every few seconds to my friends. Although it looks simple, it took a lot more than I thought it would. I found that using print(mouseX, mouseY) very useful in pin-pointing exactly where I want shapes to be on the canvas.

Here is what my portrait looks like:

I hope that by the end of Intro I can re-do this assignment and see how much I have improved.

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