Final Project Proposal

For the final project, I would like to make some interactive processing sketch that emulates a personal diary and is controlled by arduino.


The interface will be in first person. The player will see diary notes being written automatically in slow speed similar to the writing speed of an actual person. This will simulate the act of a person writing their own diary. The text of the diary will be loaded and defined in the code itself. There will be various parameters changing that will affect the first person display the user will be viewing. These parameters could include level of consciousness and hunger. The goal of the user is to keep the levels of those parameters in check. If those parameters pass a certain threshold, the text being written will start turning into gibberish. Finally, if the levels of the parameters max out, the writer passes out and the screen blacks out.

My goal is to make this a story-driven experience, where the player needs to ensure the game does not end in order to complete reading the diary notes. I plan to source the diary notes from actual diaries that could be considered interesting for some reason.


I plan to use digital switches and analog switches (such as the potentiometer) to give the player a way to control the changing parameters in the game. Depending on my final implementation, I could have some elements on the display which receive feedback from the switches and change somehow.


One way to implement alterations in the display environment is to simulate a desk on which the diary notes and other objects lie. The user’s interaction with different switches could alter different objects on the desk in some way.

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