Final Project Ideas

We are supposed to make a final project which combines Processing and Arduino, and as always, I have multiple ideas with a huge dose of indecisiveness.

Idea 1: DDR

I remember one of our readings mentioning this as an example of interactivity, but the idea of recreating a Dance Dance Revolution mat using force sensors sounds really fun to me. The Processing sketch would play the songs and also display which arrow you are supposed to step on when, and a score tally could be kept depending on whether the correct sensor was pressed on or not.

Idea 2: Piano Tiles

Because the musical instrument Jade and I made was a keyboard, I got reminded of the popular mobile application game Piano Tiles, which I used to play too. It would be a similar concept to DDR, the screen would show which note you should play and points could be accumulated based on correctness. There could be different levels of difficulty to choose from, to determine how fast the notes are to be played. The problem is that the keyboard circuit was really delicate and might be disturbed during the gameplay, but the Professor had mentioned soldering and a different kind of board which might fix this.

Idea 3: Some sort of Game Console

My other idea was to make some sort of game controller, which could be used to control a character on screen, and maybe use my midterm project or something else for this. Using the breadboard and buttons might be able to achieve this.

These are the only sort-of-concrete ones for now, in general I have a lot of thoughts swirling in my head and I’ll see what I end up leaning the most towards.

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