Analog and Digital: Light up Dollhouse

This week’s assignment was to use 2 or more LEDs, one analog and one digital. My project for this assignment is a light-up mini dollhouse, I just used a dollhouse I borrowed from my sister and connected all my wires and LEDs to it!

First, I connected everything on the breadboard and made my code to make sure everything works properly. Once everything worked, I started removing the LEDs and the photoresistor (which is my analog component) one by one and attach them to my dollhouse. To attach them, I mainly used alligator clips, copper tape and washi tape.

The photoresistor makes the LED brighter as the sensor picks up dimmer light, in other words, as your finger gets closer to the sensor, the LED gets brighter. The other two LEDs are controlled by the button, and I connected them in parallel so that they can both be bright. Once I connected the LEDs and the photoresistor to the dollhouse and the button to the breadboard, it worked out! yay!

My circuit:

Demo Video:


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