Bell the Cat – A Carnival Switch Ring Toss

For this week’s assignment, we had to make a switch using Arduino digital input and output for interaction. I started off with the idea of a switch where when you put a hat on a cat figurine, the light would switch on. But I scrapped that idea since it would involve using my hands.

So, I decided to adapt my idea to lower the degree of interaction hands may have on the switch. I ended up with a carnival-like game Ring toss, where you win if you throw a ring and it goes on a bottle. In my version, the bottle is a cat, and I’m throwing a ring of aluminum foil. When the ring falls on the cat, the green light glows and you win.

For this, I had two jumper wires from the breadboard attached to aluminum foil and this was pasted to the cat’s ears and body, and the ring was made of aluminum foil as well. So when the ring fell on the cat, the aluminum foil would complete the circuit which would go as Arduino digital input. 

I had some trouble understanding how to incorporate Arduino digital input so after playing around with the push button switch schematic, I realized what the assignment meant. 

Here’s the video showing the switch and there’s pictures of the whole setup below it.

The Setup
The Setup – Cat

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