Staying in Orbit: Midterm Video Game Project

My midterm project turned out closely similar to what I imagined it would be when I started. I used two images and one audio. The character sprite and the audio file were both downloaded from

Game Premise: 

The game is a one player game with the goal of keeping the character within the screen (in orbit). If the character moves out of screen (falls out of orbit), the game ends. The player interacts with the game using the Space key. Whenever the Space key is pressed, the character accelerates horizontally and vertically. If the key is not pressed, the character loses horizontal speed and falls to the bottom of the screen.


The audio file used in the game is too big (about 13 mb), so the game takes a while to load. However, the game runs smoothly after loading. Another issue I faced is adjusting the game difficulty. I adjusted the timing of releasing the objects using the random function. This makes the difficulty of the game somewhat inconsistent, but I think I have adjusted it sufficiently.

Short Clip:

The code and assets are available in this Drive folder (accessible only within the NYU network).

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