Week 6 – Midterm Progress


I really like trains, and so I thought I could try to make a basic train simulator in Processing. I wanted the user to control a subway train between two stations, have to navigate a red signal, and stop and the next station without overshooting the platform. I also wanted the background to be populated with other NPC trains.


I started by trying to build the background for the simulator, which would simply be a top-down view of the tracks and tunnel. I made a platform, two rails for the tracks, and made a class for trains. I tried to add a .png image for the tracks, but for some reason, it wouldn’t load in. I never got an error message, I simply couldn’t see the image. As a place-holder, I added some rectangles for the rails. You can’t control the train yet, but the goal is to be able to.

Final Work:


I had a lot of challenges so far. For some reason, the rectangle of the subway train stays on the screen without disappearing. As mentioned above, I can’t load the tracks .png file, and finally I haven’t yet added user control over the train.


Train[] trains;

int platformDepth;
int platformLength;
int railWidth;
int railSpacing;
int sleeperWidth;
int sleeperLength;
int sleeperSpacing;

PFont stationFont;
PImage img;

void setup(){
  stationFont = createFont("Courier New", 30);
  img = loadImage("subwayTracks.png");

  platformDepth = 100;
  platformLength = 800;
  railWidth = 2;
  railSpacing = 28;
  sleeperWidth = 5;
  sleeperLength = 30;
  sleeperSpacing = 15;
  trains = new Train[3];
  for (int i=0; i<trains.length; i++) {
    trains[i] = new Train(0, height-platformDepth-10-railSpacing, (10));

void draw(){

  fill(255, 200, 100);
  rect(width/2-platformLength/2, height-platformDepth, platformLength, platformDepth);
  rect(0, (height-platformDepth) - 10, width, railWidth);
  rect(0, (height-platformDepth) - 10 - railSpacing, width, railWidth);
//  for (int i=0; i>0; i++){
//    rect(i, height-platformDepth - sleeperLength, sleeperWidth, sleeperLength);
//  }

 for (int i=0; i<trains.length; i++) {
  text("23rd St. Station", width/2, height-platformDepth+50);
  image(img, (height-platformDepth) - 10, width/2);

class Train{
  float posX, posY;
  float trainWidth, trainLength;
  color trainColor;
  float wheelWidth, wheelHeight;
  float speed;
  Train(float _posX_, float _posY_, float _speed){    
    posX = _posX_;
    posY = _posY_;
    trainWidth = 40;
    trainLength = trainWidth*1;
    trainColor = color(126,127,128);
    speed = _speed;

  void runTrain(){
  void constructTrain(float _posX_, float _posY_){

void trainBody(){

  rect(posX, posY, trainLength, trainWidth, 7);
  //trailing carriages

  rect(posX-trainLength-10, posY, trainLength, trainWidth, 7);
  rect(posX-(trainLength*2)-10, posY, trainLength, trainWidth, 7);

void driveTrain(){
  posX += speed;
  if (posX > width+trainWidth/2) {
    posX = -trainWidth/2;



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  1. Hi Leo, sounds like a good plan. Your image is loading, but it is drawing offscreen since you have the x and y coords mixed up in your image call function (the y is in the x spot and vice versa). Your train seems like it never leaves the screen because you call background only in setup, and not in the draw loop, thus never clearing the background. So that grey just stays there on screen. Try putting the background call into the draw loop.

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