Week 4(Data Analysis)


I wrote a code that reads from the billboard top 100 songs (not the most recent). I edit the .csv file I found online to remove redundant data that I did not need and I used the left data to draw circles at random locations for each of the top 100.

I added a small alpha value to show the layering of circles as they are random.

I had to deal with longer song names and make them wrap around.


Instead of trying to find a library that works, I decided to try to make the wrap work myself to explore and know what I can do to manipulate a string.



I started with a circle class to draw each circle at a random location and depending on circle details. I added an array to save the circles.

String names[];
int ranks[];
int weeks[];
boolean arrDone[] = new boolean[100];
boolean flag = false;
int counterDone = 0;

PFont myFont;

class Circles {
  PVector pos ;
  int col;
  int diam;

  String text;

  // number of weeks on board gives color shade, and rank determines radius
  Circles(int weeks, int ranks, String _text) {
    pos = new PVector(random(0, width), random(0, height));
    //calculate fraction from 255
    col = int((255*weeks/87));
    text = _text;
    //max diam = 70
    diam =int((width)/ranks);
    diam = constrain(diam, 50, 500);

  void draw_circle() {
    fill(0, 0, col, 200);
    ellipse(pos.x, pos.y, diam, diam);

    // split text into lines
    String[] words = split(text, ' ' );


The next function is part of the circle class, I put it here separately because it includes the code for the wrap of the text.

void writetext(String[] arr) {
    String[] temp = new String[arr.length];
    int n=0;
    for (int i=0; i<arr.length; i++) {
      if (arr.length>1) {
        if (i<arr.length-1) {
          if ((textWidth(arr[i])+textWidth(arr[i+1]))<diam/2) {
            temp[i] = arr[i] + " " + arr[i+1];
          } else {
            temp[i] = arr[i];
        } else {
          temp[i] = arr[i];
      } else {
        temp[i] = arr[i];
    for (int k=-1; k<n-1; k++) {
      if (arr.length>1 && textWidth(temp[k+1])>0) {
        if (n>=3) {
          text(temp[k+1], pos.x, pos.y+k*diam/5);
        } else {
          text(temp[k+1], pos.x, pos.y+(k+1)*diam/5);
      } else {
        text(arr[0], pos.x, pos.y+(k+1)*diam/5);

Here, I declared the circle’s object array and then loaded and processed the data from the .csv file.

void readData() {
  String stuff[] = loadStrings("charts.csv");
  String data[]= new String[3];
  // Convert String into an array of integers using ',' as a delimiter
  // string array is returned, which we cast to an int array
  names = new String[stuff.length];
  ranks = new int[stuff.length];
  weeks = new int[stuff.length];

  for (int i=1; i<stuff.length; i++) {
    data = split(stuff[i], ',' );

    //fill arrays with data
    ranks[i] = int(data[0]);
    names[i] = data[1];
    weeks[i] = int(data[2]);

in the creat function here I added a boolean array to check if the song has been output on the screen or not to avoid repitition.

void create() {
  int num =  int(random(1, 99));
  boolean flag = false;
  if (arrDone[num]) {
    flag= true;
  } else {
    arrDone[num] = true;

  if (!flag && count<=100) {
    // int weeks, int ranks, String _text){
    circle[count] = new Circles(weeks[num], ranks[num], names[num]);

I only used the draw function for the text to appear at the beginning of the code running time. I generated the circles with mouse clicks instead to give time for the user to analyze each new circle.

void setup() {
  size(1000, 1000);

void draw() {
  myFont = createFont("SourceCodePro-Light.ttf", 60);
  if (frameCount<25) {
    String textt = "Press at a random location";

    text(textt, width/2-(textWidth(textt)/2), height/2-32/2);
  }else if(frameCount<30){

void mouseClicked() {
  if (frameCount>30){





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