Week 13: Final Project Progress

After finalizing the idea for this project, I started to turn it into reality step by step. First of all, I wrote the rough plan so I can follow it and track my progress:

1.  Make distance sensor work

2. Connect it to the Processing (easiest ellipses appear on the screen)

3. Work on the Processing interface: spots that will appear on the screen by generative art, words written

4. Add buttons to Arduino to choose colors in Processing

5. Add potentiometer to Arduino to change the intensity of the color/shape of the generative art

6. Add backgrounds and transitions – make interface user-friendly.

Now I am on the second-third step, where I am still working on the distance sensor and doing generative art in Processing. To learn how to work with ultrasonic distance sensor, I made its readings control the radius of the ellipse appearing on the  Processing screen. I am thinking of adding its readings to the ArrayList which will serve as a dynamic array of spots appearing on the screen. For this I need to add class for spots/particles, and I am currently implementing it.

Talking about generative art, I am playing with shapes and colors, as user will do too. Here you can see how it looks for now:

The code I have for now is on my GitHub.

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