Final Project Preliminary Idea [week 11]

For the final project, I want to create a game that will help improve a player’s mental health. In this game, a player should destroy objects to maintain the stress level of the character and simultaneously by releasing their stress by hitting 3D buttons. Moreover, this game requires concentration which is proved to be helpful in combating mental health problems.


  • The finalized concept for the project

I modified the idea I had a few days ago, but the goal stayed the same – create a project that will help to cope with stress. Stress is one of the most common problems people face in their daily lives, and as a student before final exams, I realize it especially strongly.

This time it won’t be a game but a way to create a work of art while releasing the stress. The algorithm of creating an art piece will be following:

  1. Choose the word that causes your stress. It could be just “stress,” “assignment,” “Calculus” or I would’ve written “C++” last semester. Write it, and it will appear on the screen.
  2. Now the most fascinating part begins: you will hit this word! Obviously, not the word itself, but the latex stretched over the frame. Behind it, there will be a distance sensor to understand where you hit this time and display your actions on the screen.
  3. Each hit will be seen as a spot in a certain color and a certain place. It will be possible to change the color of the spots by pressing the buttons on the Arduino, as well as the intensity of the applied color with a potentiometer.
  4. Also, there will be few songs to choose from to hit the word that causes your stress with even more satisfaction.
  5. I am thinking of doing these colored spots using generative art to make each piece even more unique.

The process of hitting will probably help to reduce the stress, and the result like the unique artwork will help to elevate the mood. 

  • Arduino

The Arduino program will receive inputs from buttons, potentiometer, and ultrasonic distance sensor, and will send them to Processing. Distance sensor will determine the distance to the hand hit through the latex. 

  • Processing

The Processing program will receive data from Arduino, and use it in the art piece creation, by adding colored spots of different intensity on the chosen word. Pressed buttons’ colors will determine the colors used in Processing, potentiometer readings will change the intensity of the color. The distance values will affect the location of spots appearing on the screen. 

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