Midterm: Harry Potter and the Wizarding Maze


This game, inspired by the successful Harry Potter book series and the retro game  PacMan, consists of discovering the exit of a labyrinth.  During their journey, the player will have to overcome the dim light that illuminates their way, which becomes small each time the villainous dementors approach. The player will have to dodge this evil creatures if wants to reach the end of the maze and win the game

The development of the project of this video game was a process that went through a long path of challenges, difficulties and many hours( and entire days of work). Solving some of those setbacks led me to spend hours and hours watching tutorials, consulting with my teacher, others students and some tours of the buildings in search of answers and solutions that in the end were compensated by the satisfaction of seeing the finished product

Sneak Pic

(My laptop can’t record audio, but all the screens are accompanied by music from the Harry Potter series in the actual game.)

Thought Process:

Testing things:

I had a lot of issues testing things in my code, primarily because I have a lot of files, and eventually Processing ran out of memory so I had to delete some stuff in order for the program to run. Testing some functions could take up to 2 minutes to load. I am happy with how the project looks but not that much with its efficiency.

Testing copies of PGraphics

Testing Mask function

Testing the Flicker of the player’s field of view

Testing of the dementors (enemies)

First version of the Instructions

Final Version of the Instructions

Note: I drew all the UI, titles and Sprites for this project

Things I would Improve

  • I really want to add levels (hard mode, normal mode, easy mode, etc).
  • I also want to have different sets of enemies and maybe a final boss (Voldermort?).

I hope you guys enjoy this game. I put a lot of effort in it and am really happy to share it with you.

Here is the link to my GitHub repository.

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