:) idk what to call this – week 5





I was thinking of a way to make a text look cool. The first thought in my mind was to let the user manipulate its position using the mouse. But that was not enough, so I thought I might make it look like it’s raining the characters of the sentence with other effects (different sizes and colors every time the program runs).





I tried making colors be generated in for loop inside another for loop but for some odd reason it did not work. It either did not display anything or ran like crazy and did not look good. Then I realized I did not need a for loop for it.



PFont f;
String s;
float g;

void setup(){
size (640, 480);

f = createFont("Georgia", 35);
s = "Shaikha is amazing";


void draw(){
  g = random(200, 255);
  text(s, mouseX, mouseY);

  if (mousePressed == true){

      for (int i = 0; i< s.length(); i++){
          fill (245, g, 66);
          text(s.charAt(i), random(width), random(height));





One thought on “:) idk what to call this – week 5”

  1. I like the yellow and black aesthetic. This feels like it could’ve benefited from a little more reflection about the design choices though. Why is the text left-justified on the mouse? Why when you press the mouse the text is randomly placed all over the screen? What does that have to do with “Shaika is amazing”? Things don’t have to be complicated, but if they’re simple, things should be well thought out. Otherwise, the result is pretty ineffective. Also, please post video next time.

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