Week 12: Amina & Susanne Update

This week, Amina and Susanne worked independently on the physical and visual sides of their project. Amina built the Arduino circuit while Susanne created the visuals in P5.js. The main challenge for Amina working on getting input from Arduino in the form of entering a password was how to send the input to Processing (used for prototyping purposes before connecting to P5.js) without breaking. Susanne’s main challenge was to arrange video input in P5.js as x and y coordinates behaved unexpectedly.

Now, we need to debug the Arduino side of our project possibly sending multiple input at once and figure out the serial communication between Arduino and P5.js which needs another ‘communicator’ in between as we cannot send directly to the web.

After the independent work stretch, we now shared our code to debug together, looking at previous examples and seeking support from Aaron and the Internet.

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