Week 11: Final Project process

Right after Wednesday’s class last week, I bought a hot glue gun, and used the quarantine Blue Mart Cardboard box to start working on creating the dollhouse. This task was mostly fun, but a bit frustrating because the cardboard was so thick I needed a knife to cut most of it. Measuring all the pieces and getting straight lines with a knife were probably the most difficult parts.

I created the dimensions of the dollhouse so that the background of the rooms matched perfectly to the screen of my laptop. I also had to create a bit of a stand so that it didn’t rest on the laptop, and also fit in a way were it was perfectly centered without relying on the user to adjust it.



Next, Aayush and I discussed what each room could do, and what kind of interactivities we could incorporate. Here’s what we decided:

  1. Bedroom: The background scenery changed from day to night
  2. Game room: A small, interactive game starts (user can play)
  3. Balcony: has a piano that plays music, scenery can change, as well as whether
  4. Living room: A tv where a movie can play
  5. Dining room: Food starts sizzling/ food is made/ kettle ..etc

While Aayush created a prototype of the triggers of each room, I created simple ‘wallpapers’ of how the dollhouse may look. Here is what we have:

For clarification, this is what the dollhouse looks like in comparison to the laptop:


Next steps:

  1. Creating animations for each room
  2. Creating furniture like beds and chairs
  3. Adding sensors for each room
  4. Adding LEDs for each room
  5. Making the dollhouse prettier ­čÖé

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