Final Project Progress

For the final project, I intend to have FRIENDS theme song play as you start the program on loop, and the potentiometer knob acts like a volume knob so the player can change it whenever they want to. There will be six buttons and they will be used to choose answers A, B, C, D, E, or F. The colors of the buttons will match those in the logo of FRIENDS and in the same order (but I might use white instead of yellow). Instructions will display at the beginning, telling the player the knob decreases volume and that each button corresponds to which answer on screen.  The yellow bulb lights up as soon as the game starts, and for 1 second as the player clicks and answer, the blue bulb blinks. Questions will generally become harder (it’s harder for the player to match each answer with a character). When all of the trivia is done, green bulb lights and yellow and blue are dim. The screen will show a picture of the character you are most similar to, and a description based on the answers. There will be a clickable button where if clicked plays a famous catchphrase of that character. Another button will be to restart the trivia questions.

I will use example 6 from the files that Aaron uploaded as a reference for my work.

The questions I have so far:

  1. How do you feel about animals?
    1. Love them! We shouldn’t eat them…
    2. They’re fine.
    3. Monkeys are my favorite animals.
    4. I don’t really like dogs
    5. They taste gooood!
    6. Cats with no hair are cool.
  2. What do you consider to be your best quality?
    1. Your looks
    2. Your intelligence
    3. Your cleanliness
    4. Your sense of humour
    5. Your good taste
    6. Your laid-back approach to life
  3. What is your dream job:
    1. Singer
    2. Professor
    3. Fashion consultant
    4. Actor
    5. Advertising executive
    6. Caterer
  4. What do you consider to be your worst quality?
    1. Clumsiness
    2. Arrogance
    3. Competitiveness
    4. Selfishness
    5. Insecurity
    6. Delusional
  5. You value friendship because…
    1. Friends are not afraid to tell me when I’m wrong
    2. Friends make the best lovers
    3. Friends are the only family I have
    4. Friends are what makes me popular
    5. Friends tolerate my awkwardness
    6. Friends introduce me to all their hot friends

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